X-PM parachuted one of its Executive Interims into a CFO role to fill a gap that had been created because bringing in an CFO from overseas was not possible due to the COVID-19 situation.


An global HR Professional Services company based in Singapore was faced with a challenging situation when they could not fly in a new CFO that was due to transfer from France to Singapore.

X-PM was asked if they could fill the gap urgently with a highly qualified Executive Interim at a short notice.


X-PM was able quickly to put in place a high caliber executive interim manager who had the experience of running a regional finance operation and could build budgets and forecasts for 2021 in these very difficult business conditions.

The X-PM executive interim walked into the client rolled up her sleeves and in no time had got to grip with the complexities of the business and the challenges of managing a regional finance operation who are using different finance systems.


This project is on-going and the client is extremely pleased and impressed in the way that X-PM could find a seasoned professional that could not only hit the ground running but make a positive impression in a matter of weeks.

A perfect example of Experienced People: Delivering Results