China new product production launch project support

X-PM’s consultants successfully delivered the new product launch in the Chinese
production facilities on time and on budget


A global Top 10, Tier 1 Automotive supplier headquartered in Germany was facing challenges with a new product production launch in their Chinese production facilities.

Attempts to send a Task Force from HQ to China failed due to Covid19 restrictions, making it impossible to oversee the project or support the struggling local teams.

Management requested X-PM SEA to assess the situation and provide local resources to manage the product launch and support the team on-site.


X-PM deployed a team of consultants with international Automotive, Supply Chain, Project Management & Product launch expertise on-site.

The X-PM team took control of the product launch, managed the project and the respective resources to supported the local team to overcome their challenges. The X-PM team also generated transparency & effective reporting for the Task Force & Management team in Germany.


The product launch was delivered successfully on time & budget meeting expected quality standards.

The German Management & Task Force teams were thrilled to see that the local support provided by X-PM did resolve resolve the challenges independently and that it was able to generate the required transparency and trustworthy project reporting.