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Maintaining & Leveraging Experienced China Talent in Asia


We understand that the situation in China is very tough and many of our Expat friends are leaving for many reasons including family.

The global Supply Chain is extremely fragile exacerbated by the strict zero Covid policy in China and the war in Ukraine. Getting China manufacturing and export channels working smoothly again is a must, but companies are also looking at alternative strategies to address supply chain challenges. Many consider balancing manufacturing across other Asian countries or indeed onshoring.


While doing so companies know too well the significance of the China market as a main contributor to their global revenue growth; but attracting experienced talent in the country has become difficult and sending from overseas has become very expensive and time consuming

How can we help

X-PM can help. We have executive interims on the ground across Asia who have experience in running businesses across Asia and in China, managing operations and resolving supply chain issues.
We also believe in not just providing a band-aid solution but in tackling the root causes of problems. Helping our clients gain competitive advantage in this very painful business environment.

Transformational Leadership Survey

We are proud to announce a partnership between X-PM and the Transformational Leadership Acceleration Institute (TLAI). We are delighted to share their recent 2023 Survey: The Great Leadership Rethink©

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Stakeholder Alignment

X-PM runs hundreds of transformation projects every year and one of the biggest challenges is Stakeholder Alignment.
Our methodology works on the alignment of action, not thinking. As such we increase the chances of a successful transformation exponentially.

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How to get from “I think this” to “we all agree to do that”

In this final article in our short series we refresh the main conclusions from each step in our dialogue. We remind ourselves despite the importance of collaboration in achieving organizational goals, we often fail to achieve our goals and that there are common underlying factors behind these sub-optimal performances.

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