X-PM is Unique in The Region

X-PM is in a unique position in Asia. Our pool of executive interim managers is contracted to clients to fix critical issues and plug management gaps, while not putting a fixed headcount onto their books. We are asked to supply interim CFO’s, procurement transformation executives, turnaround executives, interim HRD’s, manufacturing turnaround specialists, and specialists in crisis situations. X-PM interim managers are very experienced, vetted (interviewed and reference checked), and supported during their tenure with a company. The results we deliver are exemplary and we feel the trend to hire experienced managers to fix a problem or deliver a solution will continue. What makes us different is our speed in immersing ourselves in a business. We are experts at matching the perfect professional with your business.

What we do

We are experts in selecting managers who are very experienced, highly adaptable to the company’s culture and carry out transformation projects based on a commitment to results with an entrepreneurial vision.


Hands on Executive Interim

Performance improvement

Change and Transformation

Generating New Ideas.

Solving Big Problems

Why we are different

The business world is becoming increasingly globalized, with many companies undergoing major change and transformation. X-PM addresses complex business challenges by offering seamless, multi-country interim and transitional management solutions for companies around the world. We successfully achieve this by using a unique “international multi-sourcing” model that leverages the assets of each country member firm.

X-PM and our member firms in the WIL Group offer a single destination for clients to find Interim Management and Transition Management leaders of every discipline to work anywhere in the world. Our members are located around the world, tapping into local talent pools, driving down the cost of international resourcing, and providing clients with fast solutions, exceptional quality, and at a fair price.

X-PM, a specialist in transition management, intervenes with operational managers who integrate into the culture of the client-company to carry out transformation projects based on a commitment to results and an entrepreneurial vision.

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