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The world is an unbalanced place in terms of skills. The WIL Group was founded in 2014 to help companies distribute the right people across their global operations to drive success.

However, finding the right people to work globally is a significant challenge. Overcoming this challenge requires extensive knowledge of various aspects like the local market, national employment legislation, working culture and the competitive landscape.

The WIL Group offers a single destination for clients to find Executive Interim and Transition Management leaders in every discipline to work anywhere in the world. Our members are located in many markets around the world, efficiently tapping into local talent pools, driving down the cost of international resourcing and providing clients with fast solutions and exceptional service at a reasonable price.

We currently have a global talent pool of around 40,000 proven Interim Managers and Transition Managers. These managers ready to structure and lead complex projects, deliver sustainable change and create lasting value to clients worldwide. WIL Group’s 18 offices enable us to offer truly global Interim Management and Transition Management services.

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